Rumor: OS X Mountain Lion Hunting Macs Everywhere on July 25?



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Emmett The Crab

iMacs are pretty old now. Do you think they might unveil new iMacs, Mac Pros, Mac Minis with Mountain Lion?



From what I have been reading, the new iMacs, Pros and Mac Mini will be unveiled in October. As for July 25, it's just OS X Mountain Lion and it will be available via the Mac App Store.


Emmett The Crab

Weird to have a new OS unveiled without new Hardware. It would be like having the iOS event in the fall without an iPhone 5 or iPad. Very weird, but I believe you. I think if they really did have new iMacs they would have unveiled them in June.



not that weird you know.....os x releases and ios releases are different in more than just one way, you know

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