From Rumor to Reality: Introducing Amazon Cloud Player



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Is there a way to play audio files on an iPhone?

This commenting system is not very good. I am a registered user but I have to answer captcha every time I comment?
I cannot put links in the comment or it is SPAM?
Please let me know if I am missing something.



From what I've read, Amazon caps the amount of data you can stream. Once you hit the limit, there's a clock that charges you for extra streaming. Knowing the horrendously complex nonsense you have to wade through to understand bandwidth usage of Amazon S3, I'm betting they're not going to be much better with charges for this service.

Secondly, I only buy Amazon MP3s if there's a significant price differential with Apple's AAC files.

I have my doubts that this service is going to be great, even when their iOS apps arrive. But it will be nice to have a backup of my future Amazon purchases. Except then I have to pay $20 a year?

I think I'll wait to see what Apple offers first.

Also, my employer's IT department has already blocked it.

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