Rumor: Sprint Will Offer Unlimited Data Plan with iPhone 5



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If history serves as any guide, Sprint will later cancel the unlimited data plan for those who signed up for the iPhone 5 after it finds itself losing money on it.



the Q is "For how long?" remember a Verizon selling point? i think it was "Unlimited data!"
BTW there service is the worst out of all the carriers (even t-mobile.) the last campaign i worked on i had a boss with a sprint phone... the office called me when they needed him.


Adrian Hoppel

Thanks for the comment, brandonwalkermedia!

My first cell phone was on Sprint, so they will always have a place in my heart. I had it when I lived out in Seattle, and coverage was great. I guess, like with all carriers, it depends on where you use it.

In my opinion, whatever carrier you choose, the more options for the consumer the better. If T-Mobile and Sprint both come on this fall, we could really see some aggressive pricing by years end, don't you think?

- Adrian

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