Russian Orthodox Christians Bent Out of Shape Over Apple's Logo



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I don't understand why this is news. I also read the original Russian article and there is no mention of any sort of movement or official backlash against Apple. All it simply says is that some believers, including priests, are modifying the backs of their Apple devices to put a cross there instead of the Apple logo, since a bitten apple can symbolize original sin. In this case, I would argue that it is CNET that's being inflammatory and reactive.

People bling out their iPhones all the time, but if someone does it with a cross it's a sign of oppression?



Besides the whole "apple" thing, most think that the snake was Satan which is incorrect. The snake like the "apple" is considered a symbol of knowledge. The snake is referred to several times in the OT as being the symbol for or representing knowledge.

As stated previously you can't reason though with fanaticism or dogma.



As superjosh said, no one said it was an apple. But let's just say we go with it being an apple for the sake of discussion. Who said the apple was from the tree of knowledge (which was forbidden) vs. from the tree of life (which was not forbidden)? They've made some very big assumptions here to feel outrage against something.

If they want to be outraged about something real, I'd love to see them blasting the Vatican for allowing their priests to molest children, something that surely is sinful.



How christian of them. Of all the crap going on in the world, this is what they are worried about? Besides, superjosh1977 is right. The bible doesn't say "apple", it said FRUIT. There is no reasoning with fanatics or fools,



If you look at the story of Adam & Eve you will find that the Bible doesn't even mention a specific fruit. So, we don't know if it was even an apple. The idea that it was apple comes from "Paradise Lost."

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