Safari Downloaded 11 million Times



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Just me or was the beta faster? I just did the update and it seems like pages render slower for me than they did in the beta. Also, I kind of liked the tabs better on top. Wonder if there's a workaround for that.


Arvind Srinivasan

@caw61 - I wouldn't necessarily agree that it was "forced," but I totally understand your pain. Downgrading after an update through software update is always much harder than upgrading, and if you forget to uncheck the box even once, you are sucked in. more importantly, my plugins broke. i don't understand what would change between the beta and the release that had any relevance to the plugins


The only thing I'm aware of with plugins in Safari 4 is that if a plug in fails, it doesn't cause the whole browser to crash.  Whether that involves reinstalling after a plug in fails, resetting, etc, I haven't a clue.



I like the tabs below for just organisational needs (reordering the tabs on top wasn't practical for me) but I really think they should have left a "tabs on top" tick option so one could have it if they wished. I still miss the old loading scheme and wish I could implement that and the new scheme together.



One thing that was in the beta but not in the final downlaod was the tabs bar in the top of the window. They changed it back to the way it was in safari 3 where it takes up space in the window.



Yeah, I 'forced' myself to download it. Installed great, fast as hell and so far no issues with sites or printing.



Part of the reason it was downloaded 11 million Times, was because it's offered as a software update. Granted, why download it if you don't use it; but there shouldn't be that much hype, especially if Apple forces it onto a user through Software Update.

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