Samsung Galaxy Designer Takes Apple’s Accusations Personally



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did you see the "home" button. you have any idea how many shapes are out there? there's hexagons, pentagons, decagons, nonagons. the list is LONG! i can easily see how he could have done thousands of sketches.



I can't believe they are adding a stylus. I mean come on! iPhone users have been using a small screen since the beginning and never used a stylus. Android phones keep getting bigger, and now they add a stylus!! It's just one more item that will get lost. I agree that bigger is not always better and for good reason. It's funny watching my friends put those big phones in their pockets. It takes a minute.



If it's truly "original" then why does it look just like an iPhone? Lee may have created thousands of sketches and prototypes, but all we see is one big knock off, right down to the one button on the front. Original means unique, not just slightly different in size.



5.3 inc???? come on bigger is not always better (and im from Texas at that) lol

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