Say It Ain't So! AT&T Might Charge for FaceTime Over Cellular with iOS 6



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I've been with AT&T since 2008 and I was thrilled at first to become an iPhone owner; now, however, all the additional fees are out right robbery and greed! I have an account with all our family members with iPhones - 2 phones on the supposed "unlimited" and then 2 other phones on the 3GB packs.

What irks me is the unlimited is absolutely NOT unlimited, furthermore I have to pay more to use tethering??? Which is a feature of the phone only using for service I already pay monthly for!! That's pure crap! AT&T better wake up because as it stands two of our phones are contract expired and when the next iPhone releases I may just very well take those two lines to a new carrier that can offer the same for less or more for less.

Now this "rumor" that Facetime may be charged is yet just like the tethering greed!! Stop charging me additional fees for a service I already pay monthly for... Data! How can a company charge me more for how I wish to use it!!!



I have to agree with Kavok; not only do I get nickle and dimed to death by AT&T; I still can't make a call without getting dropped. AT&T is far better at figuring out how to squeeze a few extra bucks out of each customer than they are providing basic services like allowing phones to actually send and receive calls. I'm just looking for an excuse to take my business to Verizon.



So far in Beta 3, I have it active and there was never any message to call AT&T to set up the service. I'm on their "4G" network though, I don't know if being on 3G would make the difference.

I do know that I'm tired of AT&T charging me for my data plan, then charging me more for HOW I want to use the data I've already paid for. As soon as Verizon gets their LTE network up and running I will be switching, even though I have "unlimited" data with AT&T since the first iPhone in 2007.

It is getting really annoying the way the carriers hobble the functionality that is built into the iPhone unless you want to pay MORE to use it. I wish the FCC would crack down on this crap. Or Congress or someone at least look into the predatory tactics the US carriers have on their customers.

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