Sciphone A5: Sexy Apple-Style Back, Hideous ‘90s-Style Front



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I can not believe they even try at this "illegal" practice of utterly immoral copy right infringement that is so blatant. Its beyond me and whats worse they make such a "Joke" of a copy that is down right ugly and awful almost degrading the real brand name of product. Oh but we can say anything to the chinese which is "Communist" why? because the usa owes them so much money its not even funny... They are stealing this great country right from under our feet and people in california are so stupid for not seeing it.. They are stealing all our tech they have spies off the coast of california stealing our guidance systems, satellite tech etc... not to mention all this piracy stuff... when are Americans going to get a clue before we all speaking "Mandarin" in california.. Just seeing the blatant apple logo on this product that clearly is a joke of knock off should be cause for fines and jail for this being imported.. Oh but I forget all the tree hugging 20 to 30 year olds forget that china is communist country bent on being us.. Why because they went to colleges that are all left wing liberals... They are to young and stupid to remember the communist and be taught there agenda..

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