Security Alert: New Trojan Horse on Mac OS X Spread Through Social Networks



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Hi there, how can I disable Java on Firefox?



How can I disable Java in Chrome? Also is there anyway to tell if a computer has been infected with out needlessly downloading software from secure mac? I have ClamXav which I run occasionally and while I do go on social networking sites, I rarely watch videos on them though. I am also interested to know if this would prompt the administrator password or somehow be able to bypass it? The way my mac is set up, nothing downloads with out me approving it by typing in my administrator info.



You can disable Java in Google Chrome by doing the following few steps:

1. opening up the browser and navigating to "about:plugins" 

2. Find the plugin labeled "Java" 

3. Click the disable link that appears underneath the description 

This will disable the Java execution functionality in Chrome. 

I'm not really sure if or how the virus will get around an administrator entering their password. I assume that because Java code can be executed from the browser without the administrator entering their password, this may be how the virus is getting around it.



Does the installer prompt for an administrator password? Shouldn't it have to to be able to make changes at this level?



Should Enable Javascript still be checked? I bought a mac just like many others for the very reason that there are very few viruses that can infect the mac.



JavaScript should be fine. Because the names are similar, many people confuse the two, but JavaScript doesn't have anything to do with Java. JavaScript, rather, is a web programming language that works with CSS and HTML to provide things on websites like some buttons, video embedding, etc. 

So, Java should be unchecked, but JavaScript should remain checked if you still want the web features associated with it. 

For more information about JavaScript visit and for more information on Java visit

Hope this helps!  



Thank you, for the clarification.

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