Silly Rumor du Jour: Howard Stern Coming To iTunes?



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Didn't happen. He signed a new 5-year contract with Sirius XM.



Although I dont get the chance to listen to HS anymore since the only car we have that has Sirius is my Wife's car, I think it would be cool. However I just dont see Apple loosening up enough for Howard. Remember, that's why he left regular radio in the first place, he was too censored.

Also you have to look at issues like the fact we still cant even buy magazines through Apps like Zinio that "might" show a damn boob! How will Apple see their way clear to allowing Howard to throw F-bombs all day? Or maybe this is just the thing we need to advance the evolution of the App Store into a real free market place that allows the consumer to decide what is appropriate and what is not.



I agree with @robjkelly34. I am a long-time Stern listener and would definitely listen if he came to iTunes or whatever. So, while there are many people who love to hate Stern and his programming, they seem to fail to recognize that there is an army of people who feel otherwise.

That said, IMHO the real benefit to Apple isn't so much the audio content (which would be nice), but the ability to bring HowardTV to AppleTV exclusively. If Stern is able to bring along even half of his listeners/viewers to an exclusive AppleTV distribution channel, he could help propel the AppleTV product to the same heights that he did with Sirius (which was losing badly to XM prior to Stern's arrival).

The obvious conflict here though is (as noted), Jobs' feelings regarding Adult content and Stern's show, but frankly, some soft-core adult content can be found within Netflix's streaming app, so I don't really see too much of a difference.




Really? This is whats America is becoming, judgements based on no actual fact. Oh no, my kids might hear it!!! How about being people becoming more honest with each other and realize that we don't always have to hide from the truth. That's what people like yourself believe. And if you've ever listened to Howard Stern, that's what you get. The truth. And adult programing that you don't have to listen to.

Oh yeah... have you heard the new Eminem that you can buy on iTunes? It's loaded with more hateful, homophobic, and more laciest comments than Howard Stern.

So, mikespostoffice, you don't have to listen.

That's what America was founded upon. Maybe you haven't heard of the 1st Amendments?



I can't imagine why Apple would pay him anything. They don't pay Adam Carolla



Adam Carolla doesn't have nearly the command of audience that Stern brings to the table. To that end, I don't believe that Carolla negotiated with Apple for anything. He is simply tapping into podcast distribution like anyone else.



Howard Stern is disgusting. I heard him on FM in the old days, and, no, I would not listen to his depravity for entertainment. We're all depraved but it's bad form to wallow in it and broadcast one's perversions for a buck (or $600 million alleged). I don't think it's true, anyway. iTunes certainly doesn't need him (commercially speaking) as seriously as Sirius needed him for $500 mil at the time. And iTunes certainly doesn't need a creep like Stern lurking around to tarnish its image, either. Stern ought to be paying others to allow him to spew - not the other way around.

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