Smartphone Displays Under 5 Inches Are Starting to Become Scarce



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I had the Nexus 4. Recently got rid of it for smaller screen, iPhone 5c. If I need a bigger screen I'll use my tablet. Small screen phone is good for the basics and nice in the pocket.



I signed up for a new phone number for one of my business and got a Nexus 4 because it was free. It's an okay/nice phone. It has a 4.7" screen which seems like a great size although Android doesn't take advantage of the full screen because they always have the buttons on the screen at the bottom.

Anyway, I think that should be the minimum size for the iPhone 6. I will probably opt for the rumoured 5.5" iPhone.



Just to put things into perspective, google Dell Streak 5 and check out the c|net review from 4 years ago. Note the comments on the size. In a nutshell, 5” is huge and inconvenient.

I would have posted the link here but Mollom won’t allow it.



The largest phone screen i'll EVER carry is 4.7".... The rest i'll do on my iPad.



i really don't want to be carrying around a 23inch phone in 2020... lets stick with the current 4inch please

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