Snow Leopard Update 10.6.1 is Available



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So will this enable those of us With Multi-touch trackpad MacBooks/MacBook Pro's to have the broken Expose functionality fixed? Hopefully they will fix it soon, as it's one of the most annoying issues with the new OS. Other than that, it's amazing.



it is great that apple released software update for snow leopard but what about the people that run leopard on a imac can't we put the best operating system on the mac imac, not allowing acesss is not cool.... we love to see apple latest and greatest software on the imac come on apple help a "applehead".



Snow Leopard's update, Mac OS 10.6.1, will work on any iMac with an Intel processor. If you can't install it on you iMac you either have a PowerPC processor iMac or you have not bought Snow Leopard and installed it yet. From what I can make out you very well may need to get Snow Leopard first as it sounds like you only have Leopard Mac OS 10.5-10.5.8. If that's the case then good news it's only $29 and a 40 minute install away.

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