Softbank CEO Claims Steve Jobs is the Next DaVinci



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just cuz you are ceo doesn't mean you had anything to do with the ideas or creations of your companies products.

jobs may just be overseeing and may not be involved much.

disagree? wheres your proof?



You wouldn't be the CEO of a company if you didn't want to be involved, founders of companies care about their products (unless they r cheap knock offs), and steve definitely takes it further. I know a man (though I forget his name :( cuz I haven't seen him in two years) who used to be the vice president of some apple department or something, and he told me stories of jobs demanding for something to be in a product, and when they told him they couldn't do it, he went out and discovered how to do it himself. He's different than any other CEO. He also told me a story where he had a flash of genius, and because it was so hot in Cupertino, he had the meeting in a washroom and stood in a toilet to cool his feet. Although he is very very weird, he is very revolutionary (not that you haven't heard that before) and has almost EVERYTHING to do with his products. He left apple, apple sank.... Then he came back and profits rose substantially. He doesn't oversee, he's not involved, his employees are involved with him.

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