Sony Pushes New Plan for Recovery, Insults Apple in the Process



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?????"...breaks down every 10 minutes."?????

First of all, a statement like this breaks just about every protocol record in the book. You can never become better by putting others down. Personally, I think that this is a streak of jealously, and Sony is scrambling at the bit to attempt to regain their throne.

In my lifetime, I have had far more Sony products break down, than Apple! Apple goes out of their way to ensure quality, and customer satisfaction.

Another huge thing that Apple pays a ton of attention to, that most people don't seem to understand sometimes, is that they engineer and design all of their products to work together seamlessly, without memory sticks!

I remember seeing an advertisement somewhere of how all of Sony's products could "work together". Their idea was/is that the Sony memory stick could link everything up. To what end? They also need to join the rest of the digital world with the SD card, and stop being so proprietary in that sense.

I believe that Sony has a lot of really wonderful products. Like Apple, they need to take a far more holistic standpoint, and focus more on just how these electronic devices are going to fit into people's lives a bit better.

Apple has a great way of making people feel a part of their company, that they are each individual smart, creative genius' who have control over their creative, business, and personal lives.

Where is Sony's culture in this sense? It hasn't been around since the late '80s, early '90s.

A key to their comeback, that has been grossly, and unfortunately overlooked by corporate, is to take the QRIO project out of it's grave, and use that amazing robot to do precisely what I have described here. Will they? Probably not. They lost sight of the long term financial gain of what potential that project really had.

Firstly, of course, they have to get over their juvenile selves, and regain a bit of social intelligence.

Now, really..... QRIO would have NEVER said such things! Or even AIBO for that matter!

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[quote="Sony"]Stringer told the New York Times ... “You don’t want something that breaks down every 10 minutes.”[/quote]

Exactly, which is why you don't want a Sony!



You're so cute. I just want to tousle the hair on your cute little head.



that we've heard before from other companies. Also, Apple stuff breaks every 10 minutes? That's a larff.



Guess they forgot what sort of epic fail Connect and OpenMG ended up then. Also, almost every single Sony portable audio player I ever brought from the mid-90s right upto 2001 died in less than two years. The first iPod I brought after my third MiniDisc player in a row bit the dust is still tootling along after these eight years and in use every day.

Their hardware as in home electronics like TVs, those are rock solid. Audio devices, much less so.

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