Sony Slashing 10,000 Jobs as New CEO Promises “One Sony” Unity



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I hope they're not coming to Orlando Florida looking for jobs, we're broke-folk here. It's such a shame that people like me are STILL out of work (almost a year). We have to deal with all sorts of 'behind closed doors' favorite one is when you submit your resume and your last name isn't a white one.



Sonny failing in everything they do right now like HP!



I think this is the exact opposite of what Sony should be doing...I understand the layoffs and they may be necessary, but I think fragmenting the company into niches will allow for much more innovation and growth. Combining everything makes people have to deal with issues and obstacles not relevant to their skill set. Hence, creating an artificial self-imposed barrier on all the divisions involved.

If you think of Sony as a submarine, what Mr. Hirai is wanting to do is eliminate all the hatches on the ship, in turn making it an all or nothing victory. For example, if flooding happens in one compartment, that compartment can be sealed off (e.g. shutdown that division ), but in the model that Hirai wants to create there are no failsafes and if the ship takes on water there will be no hatches to close making the flooding everyone's problem sidetracking them from their designated duties.

Sony used to be the "brand" and now it has no differentiation between Samsung or LG in the HDTV market and trying to take on Android and iOS is a death sentence (reference Windows Phone, which is actually a nice synergy of hardware and software, but a nonexistent ecosystem).

I think Sony has a chance to re-engage, but I think it needs to segment itself and find out where it can become competitive again and shift resources to the profitable areas and siphon resources aka seal the hatch on the fledging segments.

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