Sony's Google TV Remote is Gargantuan



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I really wish that apple (or anyone really) would make that remote that was rumored a few months ago. the one that was shaped like an iPod Touch and looked like a MacBook Pro trackpad



While I'm thinking a touch-screen remote would have been a better option than this remote, I think Sony is onto something. After all, Sony has both the PSP and the Playstation 3, and the design seems similar to what would happen if you moved some buttons and added a keyboard to the PS controller - which leads me to suspect they may add some gaming or more interactive options to their Google TV units. Granted, a touch screen remote would probably work better for this, but this is probably cheaper to produce, and if it sells well, may lead to that.



I would kill (figuratively) to be able to use a remote like that for the apple TV. I HATE the limited buttons on the aTV remote.

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