Square Trade Study: iPhone 4 Glass Breaks More Than 3GS



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The new design looks great. If you slap a case on it it will be fine.



I recently dropped my iPhone 4 no more than 3 feet and it shattered the whole front screen, even though at the time I had one of the free cases offered by apple that covers the back and sides and a Zagg invisishield screen protector. I know it was my fault for dropping it, but don't think a case will completely protect you, that is unless you have the otter box.



ugh, reports like this piss me off…if you break your iPhone, it’s YOUR fault, NOT APPLES! if you can’t take care of your tech, then you shouldn’t own any and just get over it!
Hope you can love you deive and like watching movies as me, and Even I need the help of iFunia ipad video converter. worthing…


jordan feero

well, your totally right. partially. Apple is half to blame for them being so easily broken. And its your own stupid fault if you drop your phone

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