Starting August 21, AT&T Text Messaging Will Be Unlimited or Per-Use Only



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I opted out of all messaging when I first activated my iPhone with AT&T.

I'm interested to hear why anyone is willing to pay $10 to $20 per month (or a per message charge), when AT&T requires you to pay for a data plan and therefore you can already send, and receive, email from your iPhone?



Yes. "Existing customers like unlimited plans." Like unlimited data?

This is not a "customer-wants" plan or decision. If the customer wants it, they'll choose it. Likely - ATT did some research, and found that more people will commit to unlimited than a pay-per-use. This is nothing more than a chance to increase revenues at the expense of incremental pricing options.

A better headline might be "ATT limits options to suck more out of your wallet".



FYI. my dig on the headline is more about ATT. I enjoyed the article, JRB.

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