Steve Jobs, 1955-2011



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He will be with us forever. Every time we fire up a Mac or use our iPads or iPhone his spirit will be among us.He will live in our hearts forever.


Steven the tech guy

damn :/ how come steve had to die ? he was a great brillant and he will be missed , rest in peace steve



i will miss you steve



I wish to to express my deepest sympathies and condolences to Steve's family and all of the wonderful people at Apple, Inc. who made our present the future that only they had dreamed of. As many people said here, our world is a better place for him and I shudder to think what it would be like without his impact. My life and the lives of so many people I know were transformed by this man, his vision and his drive for perfection.

Steve, I like so many others am eternally grateful for your work and achievements. You will never truly die because you will never be forgotten.

Thank you.



Well as many of us have said and i feel the same, the experience of an apple product whether it be hard wear or soft wear from apple has made- and is making our lives easier and somewhat more rewarding to say the least.
What i'll do when i get my iPhone 4S is name it iPhone 4 Steve!



My love and prayers go out to the family. I will forever miss you. I would like to express my deepest appreciation and respect to you Mr. Jobs for sharing your life with us, you were a family member whom I greatly respected and so I light a candle and pray to the god of both heaven and earth to watch over your kind spirit and protect you forever, thank you Steve.

Always remember...



My house has a Mac computer, Ipad, 2 Iphone 4's, airport extreme and an Ipod. So to say his creations have influenced our house hold is an understatement. I want to thank him for the ability to edit movies and just have fun with ease and have a computer that doesn't crash every two seconds. I hope and pray apple continues in the right direction. But that's not why i am writing, again thank you for all your inventions and my life is easier cause of you. Rest in Peace and i hope and pray you got to say goodbye to all the people you loved.

Billy Jo



Steve ... thanks for thinking different. The world is a better place for it

I encourage everyone to make a donation to the American Cancer Society



I too am sadddened by this news.

I will be one of the ones to say: YEP - I am a "fanboy"! A little pricey - yep - but you get the best machine and gadgets that any company (lead by Steve) as ever put together for the masses.

I truly hope they at Apple continue to carry the torch that Steve carried.

One of my regrets is that I didn't become a fanboy sooner.

Great products, great engineering legacy!



I'm deeply saddened by this extraordinary man's passing. The ways in which Mr. Jobs has effected our lives and world can not be easily measured. I'm certain he had his flaws as we all do, but I'm also certain our world is now a much better place because of his life and work. "Rest in peace, Sir. You can not be forgotten."



I opened up my MacPro laptop last night and clicked on Safari. It goes directly to the Apple home page. Steve Jobs` memorial was full page. I was quite surprised and not sure whether to believe it. After reading the news articles and my regular news paper. I left the laptop on the table with the Apple home page full screen showing the Memorial picture. I kept looking at the screen once in a while and noticed my power save and screen save feature didn`t kick in. I have to think that Apple had hijacked my power save setting I believe in a gesture of flying the corporate flag half mast.(my mistake. I had the caffeine app running) I can imagine in a short time a bust will be made of Steve Jobs for the admiration of computer technicians and programmers similar to that of Freud for the psychoanalysts and therapists, and Einstein them smart people.



Bill Gates put a computer on every desk
Steve Jobs put a computer in every pocket...What a man !!!....Steve you will be missed....RIP



Steve Jobs had the uncanny ability to know what I wanted before I did. When I realized he had this talent, we bought some Apple stock and a bunch of new toys based on faith that Steve Jobs knew what he was doing. Of course, he did.

So, in the last dozen or so years I've been lucky to live the Steve Jobs experience. Every time I fire up a Mac or walk into an Apple store, download an app or kick back to read a book on the iPad, I've been seeing what Steve Jobs wanted me to see, and living the life he expected me to live. And it's been marvelous. Profits from stock sales financed trips to Alaska and New Zealand, made a down payment on a house and paid for a new motorcycle. Working with Macs has taught me how to build web pages, create CAD drawings, manipulate photographs and edit videos, none of which ever interested me when all I had was a PC. Thank you, Steve. Your influence will inspire Apple until long after I'm gone. I've been extremely lucky.



Today the world lost a visionary. One of the few people in this world that decided to form it, instead of just live in it. With a world already short on heroes, the list just got shorter. Rest in peace Steve Jobs.



Aunque no lo conocí personalmente , pero desde el 1984 todas mis computadoras han sido mac , desde las 512 k ,
con sus presentaciones anuales uno piensa que era su amigo . Un amigo es el que te guía te ensaña a ser mejor y
te ayuda a que tu vida sea más fácil . por eso eres mi amigo .
Creo que tus amigos en APPLE seguirán innovando y llevando ese legado tuyo a todos nosotros

Descansa en paz

Manolo Alsina



Just really sad news. I hope his family eventually finds peace from his passing. He will be missed by so many, but his spirit will live on.



What if steve had never come along? The computer industry would be years behind, we would be talking to each other on nokias, we wouldnt have maclife, we wouldnt have macs to make to make it easy to get things done, we wouldnt have toy story or pixar, we might not have the internet (they worked with his company NeXT to help establish it.) we wouldnt have...ect ect i could go on all day and still have more to say.

Steve RIP

I miss you,
Joe maddux, safari applications devolper



I'll miss you, Steve :'(.



Such a sad day for the tech world. Steve you have truly done great things for this world and you will always be remembered for it.
R.I.P. Steve Jobs


Susie Ochs

Incredibly sad. I really thought he would beat this again. My thoughts go out to his family, and to my dear friend Jason who is currently awaiting his own liver transplant. Rest in peace, Steve. We'll always be grateful.



Not many human beings can say that they changed the way that people think in a positive way to benefit humanity. While Steve Jobs did not save lives, he certainly gave us many means of making our lives easier, happier & more productive.

I am grateful to be free of the headache that is Windows.
I am grateful that we have a better choice in technology that constantly strives to push the envelope.
I am grateful to have a simplified 'all-in-one' device that is more than I could've ever dreamed of.

Godspeed, Steve. Godspeed.



Imagine the world if Steve Jobs had no come along. The computer industry would be far worse. No iPod, iPad or iPhone to revolutionize each of their industries. Pixar wou.d have folded in the early 90s and never produced their great films and never would have influenced that whole industry. Several generations of school kids would not have had access to computers in the classroom.

I know I would not be in the business I am (IT tech). I likely would not have written the books I have. A Mac was instrumental to making that process enjoyable.

The list goes on and on.

Rest in peace soldier. You did well.



Darn, I was having a good day, too!

Rest in peace, Steve! We'll all miss you!

(Changing all my wallpapers right now...)



R.I.P. Steve. The world would have been an entirely different place if it weren't for you. We will miss you.

-The day after the iPhone 4S release



This is so sad. I've been an avid Apple user most of my adult life. Loved his Apple Events. One of the most visionary people of our time; he will be missed.



RIP. :'(



iLuv Steve Jobs!!!!!!!!!! :'(



I am deeply saddened. He left so young...
My heart and thoughts go to his family.
RIP Steve, you will be greatly missed



So long Steve.



I am deeply saddened, Mr. Jobs was an inspiration to us all... my best wishes to the family, friends, and apple.
I thank Mr jobs for leaving us with the marvelous company that is Apple, and I know he has left this world proud of his dynasty.

Jacob Iturra

Sent from my Mac :)



I am at least grateful that he had the foresight to plan out the future of Apple when he stepped down, and hopefully his legacy will be well cared for long into the future. RIP Steve.



Rest in peace, Steve.



This is a day Apple fans all over the world will remember.



Today, the world lost a visionary, someone who has changed the world many times over.



His turtleneck will be greatly missed. i will be dedicating my Iphone to him next week.



It's actually a mock turtle... Close enough though...



This is such a sad day, that we all wish never had to happen :(

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