Steve Jobs Email Appears to Confirm iWeb’s Unfortunate Demise



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William R Grubaugh

ME TOO!! I feel ripped off!! I purchased Apple products at their exorbitant prices because of all of the lies on Mac centric sites like Mac Life and MacWorld and the truth is, their just another greedy self serving corporation, who only gives a damn about their profits, but Apple takes their abusive dictatorial control to the extreme. What I find shocking is Apples fanbois bend over and then justify the perverse behavior as being for our own good because Apple knows what I do and don't need and at what inflated price. Then they attack or degrade me for not being thankful and appreciative of Apples thoughtless abuse! Apples behavior over the last few years has been contemptuous and reprehensible. What happened to truth and objectivity as being acceptably prudent discipline?



Yes it is sad anytime something is discontinued but Apple is giving extensions till June of next year to allow people some transition time. For me that is an extra 6 months for free. 6 months is plenty of time to find alternatives!



I am really P****d about this!
OK I understand that iWeb was long in the tooth. There are much better tools out there. I've used GoLive and Dreamweaver and they're good, albeit a lot more complex than I need. But I understand that iWeb might not be worth the effort. (Of course this will make like the 5th time I've changed web authoring tools. That itself might not have been so bad but each time I've had to rebuild my site from scratch because each tool uses custom code that the others can't deal with.)

But, I've had my site on Apple's servers since iTools. At least a decade of loyal support. Even when free services came along I stayed with iTools/.Mac/MobileMe for my hosting at $99 per year. My trips, my writing, my photos, my essays, my Xmas cards all hoisted there with good reliability and free of pushy ads or obvious data-mining. Now they just drop me without so much as a 'by your leave'. I'm really angry about this. And no I won't move it all over to FaceBook, or such social-disease services. Pages scattered between YouTube-FaceBook-Flicr and others is not the same as having MY web site that I manage.

I might have to set up a web server of my own.



me too. I used iWeb because I didn't need the complexity of other web-builders, and I liked its one-button approach to publishing.



This is sad. I used iWeb a lot. What a way to treat the loyal customers who shelled out so much money for a average mobileme service. I am very disappointed.

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