Steve Jobs Latest Email: The Mac Isn't Dead



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to macg45 - well the power PC could not last forever. When IBM and Motorola said "we got nuthin" to the request for low power, lower temp G5 they could put in a laptop.. and no plans for a next-generation chip that ever saw the light of day as far as I know... Steve was "OK, see ya", and it was on to Intel.

But in general, Apple does feel like it's lost interest in pro users. Not Mac Pro users per se, but professional users, those of us who used to be the Apple Corps hard Core. Artists, Designers, Musicians, Video techs... Go into an apple store and it's all iPod, iPhone, iPad and some space devoted to iMacs and laptops, with usually one or two Mac Pros sitting lonely in the corner, and very little pro gear either. Apple is going after the much larger consumer computer user and the mobile market in a big way, and it feels like they don't really have all that much interest in us any more.

May be sour grapes or jilted lover syndrome. But that's the impression I come away with. But if apple really cares, maybe Font Book would not be so frakkin' awful. Still. The least useful bit of core OS software in the library. Widgets have been better thought out for all the neglect lavished on them.

The current round of Mac Pro towers are pretty kick ass, but both the current gen iMac and MacBook pros are more technically advanced. And at the current price points a bottom Mac Pro with Apple Display costs about as much as a TOP iMac AND a MacBook Pro... with no mid-range tower in the mix at all. This is all, more's the irony, old news.

It's going to be Adobe, nasty press and all, that will drag me forward to my next machine. I still have great fanlove for Apple, but Adobe has me by the professional b***s. The Creative Suite Apps are all but an utter necessity to be professionally relevant as a Design Pro. And the recently released Creative Suite 5 is indeed Intel only. But the fact that the CS codebase, formerly Mac first in years past, does run smoother better faster on Windows machines (more Adobe's doing than Apple's) may cause defections to more affordable Wintel hardware. And Apple does not seem to be particularly interested in actively enticing the loyalty of professional user and give us compelling reasons to upgrade.

"Oh yeah, we've got these Mac Pro things... " No excitement, No promotion.




It's a SHAME that Mr. Jobs has kicked us POWER PC users unto the DUNG HEAP. When they released Snow Leopard we were more or less told to FRAK OFF! I have 3 Apples, Mac Pro G5, Mac Pro G4 and Mac Mini ALL Power PC's, so I ask Mr. Jobs what's in store for us??? You got rich off us Power PC buyers and now we don't count-GREED; will be the end of us all.



Sure Apple has to throw resources at its biggest markets, but the Mac still sells. Apple doesn't care how much it costs, just how much more it makes. If Macs keep making money, they'll keep selling Macs.



I bought an iPad, iMac Quad 27" and a new 8 core mac Pro. for my audio/video work station Smokin!!!! The mac is not dead but very much kicking ass! The best computers ever made. I am so jazzed.
The macs especially the Mac Pro has gotten very little publicity lately, awesome machines.
Both these machines scream!!!



No, but I do find it ironic that clicking the image to embiggen it doesn't work on iPhones.



Does anyone else find it ironic that El Jobso responded from his iPhone?

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