Steve Jobs Reportedly Wanted the Sony Vaio to Run Mac OS



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Taylor Gregory

Take it with a small cave of salt, but about a year back I read a comment on Reddit about how OS X came to run on Intel. The commenter claimed to be the wife of one of the guys working on the project and how strict the security of the project was, so tight in fact that she was told to not discuss the project.
She said that she was visiting her husband when he finally got a stable version of OS X running on an Intel powered test laptop/test bench, and that as soon as the higher up got there, he had an assistant go to the nearest big box store and buy a few of the most expensive Vaio laptops. When the guy got back with the laptops, she said her husband was then told to make OS X run on the Vaios. I can't remember if their was a whole lot more to it as the post was more so about Apple's secrecy than OS X running on Intel.
Take it for what it is, after all, it was a Reddit comment, so it could very well be fake.

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