Steve Jobs Speaks Out on Adobe Flash



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Unfortunately, this is the reason I am sticking with my Droid 2 as my mobile device and why I haven't bought an iPad yet. While I certainly understand Mr. Jobs' reasoning and argument, I agree with HoopD45 - let the consumer have all that's available to them. It's a shame. I just bought my first Mac in March - the iMac - and turned around and bought a MacBook Pro in April. I am currently looking into getting a tablet - wanna bet which one I won't be getting at this time? Unfortunately, there are sites I use for work and Scouts that run flash - the iPad would render them useless.

Wake up guys... There is money out there that people like me want to spend - listen to us!



Many commenters have apparently missed the gestalt. Jobs is talking about Flash on MOBILE devices. Except for annoyance or security, there is no real problem on my MacBook Pro or most other computers I use, Mac or PC.



I've been using Macs for 19 years and have always followed Apple in the news. There were times I was afraid they would go bankrupt, so bad was business in the nineties.Now the tide has turned, but so have their standards. I loved Jobs but apparently he has become such a control freak that he has decided to trash anything that he thinks can be a threat to his mission to make Apple the dominant player in as much consumer markets as possible.Adobe is just another money machine, but at least Flash is a real standard. Ask any webdesigner how much of a standard HTML (any version) is in the real world.So yes, lightningsymphony is right (also about the Mac Pro not getting exited, let alone crashing on something small as a Flash vid). Jobs is overplaying his hand and there will come a point his followers will cease to blindly believe him when he says in iPad is a (quote) 'magical thing'.



This and all feuds between major corporations are all about two things... MONEY and CONTROL.I wish everyone involved would stop and put the consumer first for once!



Because on my Mac Pro, running Firefox, the video clip on the right of this article, in the Flash player, plays just fine. So does everything on YT and Hulu. I can load Flash games without error, and have several Flash sites that I visit regularly.Jobs is trying to take up the role of Jakob Nielsen, attempting to make himself look bigger by insulting a key player. Flash works well when it's implemented well. I lose more browser time to javascript than I ever did to Flash. By a major amount. And let's not even talk about ASP.While the 'almost all' comment about h.264 is true, it's not complete or accurate. The Flash player will PLAY h.264 material. Flash as a tool can export h.264.Flash is not a standard in terms of W3C boards, but it is a de facto standard. It is amazingly well penetrated, and the current hatred of Flash is from people that are ignorant or have agendas. Or both. It is not a thing of the past, because it has been in continuous development to lead new technologies. And with AIR, Flash authoring continues to lead the way.In short, Jobs is doing this for market dominance. Since he can't properly compete with Flash as a tool, he chooses to insult it and Adobe, and to actively take his toys home. I love working on my Macs, but Jobs is an arrogant bastard who is making a stab at social engineering instead of innovative technological competition. He's doing everything he ever accused Gates of doing, but because he wears a black turtleneck, all the fanbois stand behind his grizzled little beard.



While I was trying to read this story, I accidentally rolled over the Sanyo flash ad on the side bar, and it crashed my browser.

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