Steve Jobs: "We Don't Track Anyone"



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First of all, it's Cellular triangulation so it just works to about 100 feet+
Second, there is zero proof Apple is collecting the data
Even so, what are they going to do. I suppose if someone managed to hack there servers the hacker could stalk you but believe me that's unlikely they could hack Apple (PSN was lucky). If your saying Apple will stalk, let me ask you this is it in your interest at all? All they'd end up with is a law suit.



One, it's only cell tower triangulation, not GPS, so it's not that accurate.

Two, can someone explain the huge deal. Yes, companies are tracking us. whoop-de-do. So they can find your house/work. One, they would have to do a lot of work to do so, two, they have to steal your iPhone first, and three, they could just follow you home to figure out where you live.

Really, I'd be more worried if Google stored my info in an unencrypted file.

Oh well, the fix is simple. Encrypt the file, and that should satisfy people.
Besides, someone will have a script/app to wipe out the files within a couple of days.

(for the record, I only have a 4th gen iTouch, but my dad has a 3GS, and I got most of my points from him)

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