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And it really made my day to see Woz on that show. It was entertaining before he came along, but he was a really fun addition. And the Mac got plenty of screen time in the episode where they set up computers for some South American school.



I posted this news bit 12 hours before your intrepid reporter. You guys are getting slow with your info posting lol.

But like Ray stated above me - I cringe when I leave the room, so that my wife can watch, and swore I would never watch it.
But now I won't miss it.
But I also agree with raywes - If this was Dancing with Segways, he might stand a chance. But as I see it, he will be gone the first episode.


Ray Aguilera

Just the other day, I was telling someone how I'd never, ever, ever watch that show. Ever. And now, this. I might have to tune in, just to see if he gets to use his Segway.


Five will get you Ten, he's the first one to leave.

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