Still More on New iPad Battery, Apple Claims Overcharging May Damage It



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"But hey, at least it’s taking our attention off the new iPad getting too warm, the potentially poor Wi-Fi and gobbling up data too fast using 4G LTE… right?"

Oh so you're ok with being distracted from the faults you list just because you want so badly to be "cool" with your new iToy right? Thanks for showing you put 'looks' over 'quality' or 'performance'.



Soneira and CNBC appear to have failed to update their information on lithium batteries at any point in the past 15 years or so. Such batteries can no longer be "overcharged."



They're only reporting what Apple said. Despite what I know about L-ion batteries, this does add more hesitation to me recommending the new ipad to anyone. 1st and 2nd gens are where it's at.

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