Bad News for the Rest of the World: Your iPad is Delayed One Month!



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Come on Apple, it's been a month since I ordered the ipad 3G. Give me a delivery date PLEASE!!!!! I have the newly purchased apple case waiting for it's device. Be nice, just give me a ship date. It's almost end of month. Maria



I was JUST convinced to get an iPad and now they are telling us it won't be available until May?! I'll be surprised if it even gets here at all. This is turning out to be iPhone first gen all over again...



Sorry for any readers who took my original "Suck it" title to heart... as Robbie points out, it was indeed intended to lighten the mood just a little bit and in no way (re)confirm that we are all "ugly Americans." :-) Or maybe I was just enjoying a rare moment to gloat, since you foreigners have all kinds of cool stuff that we don't yet, like tethering from your iPhone or even first crack at cool non-Apple products like the Archos tablets. Oh, and as everlast_34 pointed out above... free healthcare. LOL JRB


Awww man, you changed the title. I for one found the previous one very light hearted and humorous. Those that were offended, well, suck it!



Firstly, your title only serves to show how vain and arrogant you all are.

Secondly, the 'foreigners' are most likely the ones who are dishing out all the money and loans to you all, such that you folks can even afford to buy an iPad.

If you hate foreigners that much, which is somewhat apparent with all the immigration policies and all, ban foreigners entry into your country, kill all those who are inside, and you can be the next super race - of excessive consumerism, slowly consuming yourselves to death.

So what if it is delayed by a month? Get a life. We don't have the mentality with which you all run by.

Oh and by the way, your magazine is likes a North Korean newspaper compared to the more content rich and valuable mac based magazines out there. Yours just simply compiles everything you have posted on the website in the month, and un-elegantly bind them in a 10 page disaster.


Roberto Baldwin

It was a joke. We adjusted the headline because it seemed a bit more mean spirited than funny. But in the end, we're just trying to add levity to the news.




This is unfortunate news for those outside the U.S. for sure. But what about those of us who pre-ordered our 3G equipped iPad on March 12th? It is time for Apple to announce an ACTUAL ship date of when this will be available. We are missing out of the excitement of this product. Simply saying will ship "late April" is NOT a date, come on already Apple. WE are your core customers, get it done already.



Suck it Americans!
Our healthcare is free!


Roberto Baldwin


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