SugarSync Turns Its Back on Free Users, Switching to Paid-Only in Feb. 2014



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Daniel23 is exactly as SugarSync with same mirror capabilities (sync multiple folders), WebDAV support (similar to iDisk), and support for several smart TV’s like Samsung SmartTV, WD TV Live and Google TV. 3 GB is offered for free (up to 19 GB with referral program), premium accounts up to 5 TB is available.


Antonio Galli

To replace Sugarsync, I try a dozen of cloud software during the last two days.
I eventually found Cubby, it really allows for choosing folders, then, on the other device, it asks for merge or add the folder, like sugarsync.
Same policy; 5 Gb plus one Gb for each friend you bring to Cubby.
Please, use my invitation link


Brent Bucci

For all disgruntled SugarSync users out there, MediaFire offers a ton of free storage with 18 gigs to start with (Up to 50 gigs with Referrals). Plus our new desktop app handles syncing, and we offer unlimited recursive backup for your files.

For those looking to actually pay, we are offering a 50 percent sale on all plans now.

Brent Bucci
VP of Brand and Developer Relations, MediaFire



According to the email I received from SugarSync, the free service is expiring. So no, free users will not be able to keep their storage unless they upgrade to a paid plan. So, Google Drive for me!



Well, we've seen many companies doing this kind of wrong things: offering customers something that is not sustainable, then hike the price or close the business. In either case, their customers get screwed up. Even Google did the same thing with Google Apps for business.

This compares to, in the past 10 years, we have never raised our prices. In fact, our prices keep going down. Our customers benefit more and more as they grow. And we offer our basic service for free, forever.

I joined DriveHQ in 2011. Founded in 2003, DriveHQ is the first cloud IT solution provider with over 2 million registered users. For business service, you will find DriveHQ service a lot better and cheaper at only $6/user/year.

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