Superspeed USB 3.1 Announced, Could Bring the End of Thunderbolt



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I like USB 3, don't get me wrong. Faster is always better. I have both on my MBP, and Thunderbolt is as superior to USB 3 as FireWire 800 is to USB 2. For backups and most other "normal" user needs, USB 3 is fine, but when I want to encode video or boot from an external image, Thunderbolt is my only real choice. When I boot from my LaCie Little Big Disk SSD, I can't tell the difference from my internal drive (a 512 GB SSD). Besides, we Mac users are accustomed to paying a little more for higher quality. I just hope the rest of the industry continues to support Thunderbolt and economics don't drive third-party vendors away. It seems like it took forever for LaCie to release their Thunderbolt products after I bought this Mac and only recently have we been able to go to BestBuy and pick up Thunderbolt peripherals. I hope the stuff is never relegated to "specialty" suppliers.



i choose Thunderbolt over USB ANYDAY!!!! Reliable and secure

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