Sure, You Want an iPad -- But Do You Really?



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I ditched my MacBook Pro for a Mac mini and the more portable iPad. A wireless keyboard and iPad are sill half the weight of the MacBook Pro, more durable, and get done 99% of what I was carrying around a full computer everyday. In fact, I will rarely need to bring the wireless keyboard with me, as I do the vast majority of my typing at work or home. The iPad will be a godsend for school. No more heavy textbooks!The Mac mini (refurb) and iPad are the same price as a MacBook and less than half of what I spent on my MacBook Pro.



I'm getting an iPad delivered to my doorstep tomorrow and absolutely can not wait for many reasons. 1. I paid for it. 2. I'm a professional in Insurance and I am also a student. This thing will serve many purposes especially the iBook section of it. The media consumption side is a plus to me because it's a better experience than my iPod, iPhone so forth and so on. Funny thing is I had a 13 inch Macbook and sold it because I ended up getting the i7 iMac. Now I still needed something portable which I do have an iPhone and it would have done the majority of the things just fine, but it is pretty hard to sit in front of someone and explain premiums for insurance on a little screen, hence the iPad! I can now port and build my Keynote presentations and show them on a larger screen when I am in someones home. This is to say the least. I opted for the Wifi only version because I could not see paying for another data plan when I already have my iPhone to do GPS, and on the go email. Honestly the 499 starting price point for what this thing does is cheap to me. Compare this thing and all the technologies that went into it with the other crap that is on the market(Joo Joo=crap) Netbook equals crap! For the oh it's too expensive's out their, are you fucking kidding me. You paid 200-300 for the 3Gs let alone that good 30 extra every month for the next two years ($720 over 2 years and that was data alone) at least with the 3G version you can choose when you want the 3G.(629+pay as you use 3G=no comparison) For those who bought iPod Touch when it was first released I remember paying $300 bucks for a damn 16 gig first generation which the iPad is $500 for a 16 gig with(faster processor, bigger and brighter screen, refined touch interface, options for external accessories that can actually be connected to the iPad, limitless capabilities, iWork suite, and then all the other third party apps that will be put onto this thing. On top of that even if you got a 64 gig iPod Touch you will spending $400 bucks for it today and it's old tech to me. The iPad is my new Macbook because all I used my Macbook for was listening to music, doing homework using iWork, watching video, (iChat which I can still do because I have an iMac, browsing the web, and email. All of witch can be done on the iPad except for video chat. On top of all of this it's a one of a kind device so if you want to get rid of it, I'm pretty sure it will hold value just like other Mac products. For those who sit and complain about not having video chat, get fucking over it, where in the hell will you video chat? On a bus=no, on a train=no, at a coffee shop=no. The only place I can see is in the office and hence the iMac or Macbook, I really can't see people who own Mac Pro's really focusing on video chat unless it's absolutely necessary. Poor ebony you obviously don't know wtf you are talking about. I also doubt that she owns any Apple products or a computer herself with a comment like that. Someone please go out a price point a Netbook or a regular computer that would give a similar interface as the iPad that is not an Apple product and let me know how it turns out. Also I'm pretty sure if you are into Macbooks, iMac's and Mac Pro's, Apple is not expecting for you to go out and buy the $499 iPad, they would much rather you spend $1100-$5000 on those products so I'm pretty sure Apple could care less if current Apple heads out their won't buy. This is for the ones who don't have Apple products who claim that it's to expensive to own Apple stuff. For those who use the netbook and cheap shit like that please tell me what you actually do with the thing, I'm pretty sure it's what the iPad offers but with less tech and attention to detail. Hell look at HP and Dell are already looking to stop fucking with the netbook market why? because it's cheap shit that they probably end up paying more for because of all the returns and problems ppl have and complain about. Honestly who in the hell wants a 10 inch laptop for anyway? Mr. Kennedy too funny. But really everything is a want besides food, water, clothing and housing. Mr. Byron you need a piece of ass if you have six phone numbers, I understand you are a banker and all but wtf would you need six numbers for, you don't have six mouths! Knock knock, who's there? i....I who? iPad bitches! I'm here so deal with it!

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