Surprise! Verizon May Adapt Tiered Pricing



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Even more reason to switch to the HTC EVO 4G.


coco bag

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Newbury Ville

I have been waiting for over a year to get a Verizon iphone so if V is going to drop unlimited data then I will have to bite the bullet and get an HTC Incredible. Come to think of it the Incredible is even better than an iphone.
OK, V I'll be in tomorrow.



Another company looking to rip off their customers. I'll stay with At&t. At least I get grandfathered with my unlimited data plan. Had Verizon went uncapped, I may have switched. Oh well Verizon, your loss.



Nope, not at all. Where I am from, Verizon's coverage is 3x better than att. But the Verizon Iphone is still a fantasy, when I see it, I will believe it.

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