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Hi , I feel good to post a comment on the “demessify HD” iPad game, which is very interesting puzzle game ever i had played. Its a 3D game with better user interface and physics simulations. its similar to protangle on iphone but the 3D orientations are fantastic. Its touch sensibility is very good and having more realistic graphics. The levels are very challengeable…..



It actually even works with the WiFi iPad, assuming the iPad is connected to a wifi network.  you can remote lock, remote wipe, the whole bit.    



well, nothing to do w the post.

I have yet got my iPad, but do you think the "Find my iPhone" will have a similair "Find my iPad" on the 3G model?



All my friends make fun of me because they buy everything the minute it hits the market but like everything else I purchase I will wait until the 2nd Gen. is released. Hopefully by that point most of the problems people seem to have will have gotten worked out. Knowing Apple I think we should see it 4th quarter this year or 1st quarter 2011.



I bought the iPad 3G 64G version and plan to use it as a portable device. I have two other mac's and don't like to carry my prized devices out if I don't have to. The iPad would serve as a bridge between my iPhone and Mac Book Pro.

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