Survey Says 26 Percent of AT&T iPhone Customers Will Switch to Verizon



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Mr. Happypants

My Wife is up for renewal with AT&T, so hopefully there's some truth to this and they'll beg her to stay!



This survey is highly questionable. First it's a survey of early adopters. Second, it was conducted before people knew the facts about the Verizon iPhone.

Now that we know it's 3G only, how does that influence it? What other information that has come up since the announcement would cause people to reconsider?

This survey is worse than useless, it distorts reality. Anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics could take it apart.



Good, let them go, let Verizon absorb some of that iPhone bandwidth. Not only that but it will encourage pricing wars. Who knows? At&t may sweeten the pot a bit for their iPhone customers.



And in other news, 80% of that 26% wish they were back on AT&T.

Can we PLEASE block and/or delete these sales advertisements that plague this site?
The only comments I see on here are someone trying to sell me sunglasses or a shirt....

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