The Survey Says: Forget the iPad 2, We Want a Cheaper iPad!



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Previous Gen Apple products price fall with demand, so you'll get your wish-if you wait. Last gen iphone-$99-used to be what, $300? I got my MacPro refurbished, and paid $400 dollars less just because its not brand new- just a couple months old. Apple is way ahead of the tablet 'competition' (the xoom is a joke) and the first gen iPad will be in your hand for $250 soon enough. Just keep your wallet closed until the price is right.



yah, i'm one of those "cheapskates" user. I mean i have macbook and a iPhone. A big tablet would be awesome but between the other two devices their isn't roam in the budget or a need for a $540 tablet (sales tax). $200 would be in my price range but i'm not holding my hopes high. I'm hoping HP will come with a cheeper tablet that will fit my budget.

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