Sweet Bigger Tablets -- New Rumors!



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J Keirn-Swanson

Yeah, I've seen a lot of comments people have saying that if they make it stylus friendly then it is ON! Also as to the pricey issue, most money is on some kind of data subscription plan with some carrier who will subsidize the price down to a doable level.


I'd say it would probably run on an SSD instead of a SATA drive, or go the way of the macbook air. It will probably be pricey!


Mike James

One of the things I haven't seen in these discussions is the possible use of a Wacom-style pen with this proposed tablet. If it had that functionality, a LOT of people would be interested, including me. To have Cintiq-style features would be awesome. I use the Wacom a lot for 3D work, and that feature in a portable tablet would be wonderful. (15-inch is fine with me... even larger would be great, too.)

Current 3D work: http://www.mikejamesmedia.com

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