Tablet Fail? HP to Use Digital Pen Interface



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It's great until you misplace or lose the damn stylus. Then you're screwed.



It would be frustrating to lose the stylus. You would then be limited to touch input like the iPad. For the rumored Win 7 model you would also have the ability to attach a usb keyboard, or use a bluetooth keyboard or use the voice inpout supported by windows.

I this case, I think more is more.



Not blowing it in my book. Not only do I like the idea of a solid iPad competitor using a stylus, but I've been using a stylus with the iPad for months now. It's just more natural for me. If it was awesome for writing, I'd seriously look into it. Anybody else?



I'm right there with you. I'd love to use a tablet for digital art and maybe even for taking notes in school.

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