Tablet Rumors Just Got Hotter...If Possible



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I surely hope not, if it's attached to ANY cellular provider, I wouldn't want it. Now if it's more of a iPod that can connect to the cellular company of your choosing that's another story and that I wouldn't mind paying for, though I'm still not crazy to the idea of having my keyboard taking up over 1/2 my screen or being limited to 802.11b/g anymore with 802.11n being the new "standard". Hopefully much larger storage and inclusion of a SD card reader will be available on it as well. Glad they are including the iSight into it as well, makes it a lot easier to do Video Calls via Skype that way...I'm more interested in what the next AppleTV will have in store for us, hopefully it will be able to game similarly to the XBOX's and PS3's and not Wii along with the ability to hook up to cable or satellite with much bigger storage capabilities and an SD Card reader and/or DVD/HD player.

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