TechRadar's Hands-on Review of the iPhone 4S



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The new iPhone 4s is a nice upgrade from my 3GS. I have experienced a change in function with video podcasts over when they were all handled in the iPod app. When viewing a video, tapping on the forward arrow used to jump to the next video. Now it does nothing. a Press-and-Hold still fast forwards but moving to another video required pressing

Done, Scroll to the next video, Launch it.

Trying to report it to Apple's "community" gets a, "We're working on that part of our web site right now. Try again" type of message.

Neither of which is a good thing.



This is just another example of the disappointing illiteracy of the "spell check" generation.

More than merely a typo, it is a total and willful ignorance of the felicities of the English language.



If Siri really is "making new strides," why is it a "dealbreaker"? I went through half the article confused, wondering what was the really bad, deal-breaking rather than deal-making, problem with Siri.

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