TeleStream Releases ScreenFlow 3.0



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Thank you. I also called the editor and left a message. I misunderstood that you guys would vett things out before telling us about it. I called up Apple again and they said they cannot help and that they've received many emails, crash reports on the same issue. JUst want MacLife readers to be aware of this.

Dr. Rory Lewis
University of Colorado


Mr. Happypants

That's good to know, sorry you & your students are having so much trouble. I'll wait to upgrade, even though they sent me a Free Update code recently. (I bought the previous as part of a Bundle, guess it qualified for the Code.) I haven't done many projects yet in Ver2, but I'd be pretty ticked if I went back to open them in Ver3 and had the issues you describe.



Not just mine, but students of mine here at University of Colorado .... Screenflow crashes when you try open earlier versions. Called APple and they say they are being inundated with emails and calls saying how the usually good screenflow absolutely sucks when it comes to opening old versions. DO your hwk next time before telling us a product rocks Adrain.


Adrian Hoppel

innertron, that sounds awful.

I apologize if you felt I implied the product rocked, or didnt' rock for that matter; I was trying to just report the news that a new release was available, and share what TeleStream included in version 3.0.

We often do reviews here at Mac|Life, but this was not meant to be one of them. Again, sorry for any confusion.


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