There's Already a Turn-By-Turn GPS App for Your iPhone & iPod Touch



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It's a shame that apple doesn"t get it. Voice navigation would be a big plus to the 3G Iphone. There are a number of people jailbreaking the iphone to install the XGPS voice navigation which pretty good. It's Apples loss. jailbreak iphone and get XGPS


Imagine Engine

Apple's restrictions are hurting innovation to develop apps that users would actually need and that Apple is at this time unable to provide. Such as voice navigation, copy/paste, background push, tethering, etc. An iPhone user shouldn't need to jailbreak to have features that other consumers already enjoy on their non-jailbroken competitor smartphones. So it's nice to see G-Maps listed in the App Store which is accessible to everyone but it's frustrating to hear they still can't offer voice navigation without Apple's approval. It's just another example of why it's necessary for users to jailbreak just to have things they need in their daily lives. I believe we've all given Apple enough time to come up with these features which has me feeling they are either to lazy to provide or are to paranoid they'll upset a carrier for providing the feature.



And why are we still unable to sync Mac Mail notes and to-do's?  GPS, notes, and to-do's are the major features I want in my iPhone and for some unexplained reason, Apple won't provide them.Frustrating. 



Shouldn't you have added flash or copy and paste to the "what the iPhone needs", rant that is required with ever post of a new feature. It's OK I forget to do that sometimes too.



Quayzar, obviously there have been a lot of similar comments that I've been unaware of.  I wasn't trying to rant.The question I was trying to raise, which I think was relevant to the article, was this: What is the business rational for Apple to withhold functions that so many people obviously want?  What is the benefit for them to disappoint so many customers? 

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