Those Retina Display-Optimized Apps Are Taking Up Too Much Room on your iPad



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driverajr are fantastico!, this is the kind of stuff people need to know because it's not all a bed of roses.



I have an iPad 2 and honestly I haven't seen a huge spike in memory since new retina apps have come out. But then, I produce music and that's what I use it for. Most audio app developers or more importantly musicians don't care about blingy graphics as long it sounds good.


Michael Simon

Not complaining, simply observing.



so in other words this is an complaining article written by a writer can cant find news, so he complains?

Did anyone complain then apps became MBs from KBs?



"Did anyone complain then apps became MBs from KBs?"
Yes, I remember it well because back then we were using Floppies to move stuff around and suddenly you could only get one per disk, or even worse it wouldn't fit at all. I also remember downloading my first MB sized game over dial-up. It took hours.



This just puts a spotlight on something that has been becoming increasingly obvious over the last year. 64Gb is just a silly amount of storage. Last week there was an article on photo editing on the iPad. Great but my library is on the north side of 100Gb. Music? I have about the same, plus another 100Gb of Video. Now apps are growing to feed the display. Hey I could fill a 64Gb iPad just with apps leaving no room for anything else.

Solution: The iPad should be sold in 128, 256, and 512 Gb. Then it would be a real alternative to a laptop. Until then it's cool and handy, but crippled.

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