Three-Slot Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis Coming From Magma



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the more I read into this article the more I cant help but think that a device such as this could really be beneficial for the end user and enthusiast looking for a massive performance boost, I mean PCIe Videocards ofcourse.
Correct me if I am wrong but the bandwith of a regular PCIe 2.0 bus isnt greater than that of the new Thunderbolt ports. call me a dreamer but the idea of being able to use one of those sleek 27" macs with those new Sandy Bridge CPU's (i7 2600K) and an external AMD Radeon 6990! ofcourse, such a feat would require a very powerfull onboard PSU packing atleast 750/850watts to power such cards, still even if its big and bulky, you wont need to upgrade for a good long time.

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