T-Mobile Announces March 26 Event, Promises to Stop Acting Like a Carrier



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Besides the 're-surfacing' of T-Mumble's face to actually be a viable provider of wireless services (a carrier), IF they announce their 4g/LTE and the ever elusive (for T-Mumble) iPhone, they better have their lawyers handy. Now that T-Mumble has LIED already about their 're-farming' efforts and the high-speed that effort provided to iPhone users on their network..NOT.

I live in an area south of LA that T-Mumble swears it has reframed for their new 1900 MHz offering for iPhones. I supposedly was covered by that effort so I decided to test it and find out. Since the ONLY new T-Mumble tower for the 45,000-odd prospects/customers in my area was mounted on top of a bar 2 miles from my place, I sat in their parking lot and tested the speed of that single tower... 11.0k download - 2.5 k upload... To T -Mumble servers 35 miles away. NOT WHAT WAS ADVERTISED.

Driving to my place 2 miles away, I was amazed further by the blistering 2G/Edge speed of their network that couldn't reach that extra half-mile...

IF you plan on moving to T-Mumble with an iPhone OR getting one from them, FORCE THEM TO COMMIT TO 4G/LTE speeds, in writing, or walk away.

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