T-Mobile Offering Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data Starting September 5



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I just had my second chat of the day, (different places, different times, different customer relationships) with T-Mumble folks regarding their newly announced 4-G data plans, that by inference imply some new found opportunity for T-Mumble to become an IPhone player of sorts, and as I thought - it's truly a pipe-dream....

As is the case today, you can take an iPhone, put it on a T-Mumble network, but you'll be limited by their physical infrastructure. In September, November or Febuary 2013, you can take a NEW iPhone and put it on T-Mumbles network, and although you might not (still sketchy at this point) be limited by their infrastructure, you WILL be limited by their internal ability to have the slightest clue what to DO with an iPhone on their network.

Since they have ZERO experience with a device like the iPhone, it will take them at least a year to even get close to being able to help ANYONE do anything with an iPhone on their pipes.




I have been using an iPhone 4S on T-Mobile since October. During that time, I've had just one issue - sending pictures in text messages. A T-Mobile rep had me change some settings on the phone and I was good to go.

T-Mobile may not be for everyone, but for some of us, it's brilliant, and will be even more so once their tower refarming project is completed. They beat the other 3 on price by a mile, and coverage in my area is excellent.

Also, with unlimited talk, text, data, and international texting all for $60 per month including taxes, I just can't go wrong with them.

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