T-Mobile Possibly Trying To Entice iPhone Users To Jump Ship



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Look my wife is a manager for T-Mobile and she carries an iPhone 3Gs to work to use as her corporate contact number at T-Mobile and the company absolutely hates it. Think about that for a minute, a person in management (who is an example of leadership) uses a competitors phone for her corporate phone. Let alone that the company gives her a fully featured phone for free such as the Android phones and even this new HTC HD2, no contract, $15/month, and unlimited data that includes text all for $25/m...And she still pays ATT along with me on the plan $180/month for the iPhone. If that doesn't say anything to you about the iPhones power then I don't know what will! Her bosses ask her why and she tells them all the time that the features and the usability of the iPhone is on another level than any other phone on the market and she will not change! The funny thing about all of this is that she frowned upon the iPhone until I bout the 3Gs and had it for about a week and then I let her take it to work for a day and she has not gone back since! She won't jailbreak it to use T-Mobile service because she says the network won't allow her to use the phone and have web access at the same time on T-Mobiles network. She said the features of the HTC phone are good but not good enough!

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