Touch DJ Turns Your iPhone Into A Pro DJ



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I love the one-liner disclaimer at the end. Don't overlook that!! "Touch DJ can’t access your iPod library, however"That sounds like it's useless to me, am I wrong? Sounds like another toy. Perhaps if we could have a trial version??   If you DJ with Serato (Mac/PC), Megaseg (Mac) or any other apps with midi capability and you want a *real* DJ app for the iPhone, try ITM DJ ( I just purchased it a couple of weeks ago. It's $6 and allows to easily control your entire library when DJ'ing. At a gig I can easily create a computer-to-computer network and control my (Megaseg) music while away from the DJ gear. Pretty cool for 6 bucks and it really works.Get "Touch DJ" to work with my iTunes music and you have my attention. Just my 2 cents! :-)



thats so cool thanks for the post :)

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