Tough Love: Police Officer Reports Son for Fraud to Recoup iPad Tab



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Mike Fulton

Doesn't sound like much blame is being placed on the kid's head. He's more than old enough to figure out what it means when an app asks, as they all do "DO YOU REALLY WANNA BUY XXXX FOR $$$$$?"

However, while the kid may be a stupid git, he's 13 and it's really the dad who is ultimately responsible here. He let the kid use the device. He apparently gave the kid the Apple ID login information, because there's no way the kid didn't get asked for it a few hundred times while racking up that kind of bill.

The dad is trying to get out of his own screwup. Maybe he should be arrested for filing a false police report and maybe for credit card fraud too.



Idiots!! DISABLE IN-APP PURCHASES!!! Seriously when will these people learn? It's not all that difficult to do. Don't blame Apple or even the app developers if you are too lazy or stupid to do this. If you don't know how, just f**kn Google it, FFS!



"Morally, I just don't understand where Apple gets off charging for a child's game."

YOUR STUPID ITS NOT APPLE DUMBO!!!! Its a third party developer that decided to put in-app purchases. If you the parent don't watch what your kids do online or on apps, then be prepared for the consequences! Stop blaming Apple for YOUR mistakes.



It seems like "tough love" would be to have a better idea of what his on was doing on his iPad in the first place and use some of iTunes features to block endless access to the family credit card.



Along with choiceweb's point; that kid looks old enough to know better. I could see if a 3 year old got a hold of his iPad and went bananas. The guy is just trying to weasel out of not paying up.

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