Trent Reznor Fumes About Rejected nin access Update



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I don't think he did bring up good points. Content from iTunes is added by the user, not bundled with the software. Apple isn't responsible for what users put on their iPhones; but they do have accountability for the software they provide. Like that or not (and I don't necessarily like it), it's not an unreasonable thing for a business to do, and their policy on controversial iPhone content has been pretty clear from the very beginning, when Steve said 'No porn.' Who knows? This may change as time goes by with parental controls, but Reznor pretty much just sounds like a whiny b*tch to me. I'm all for freedom of expression, but when an artist creates such intense and sometimes explicit work, they may have to accept that it won't be welcome in all venues. Such is life. Get over it. This isn't a double standard.



it is a double standard and Reznor says it perfectly. he can go and sell the same song WITH profanities on itunes but is blocked from giving an app with the song on it? How is that not a double standard? It would be one thing if ALL explicit material was not allowed in itunes, but thats not the case. Prove to me its not a double standard. Your logic is messed up. And what you say about the user adding the content while Apple makes it available; thats true. However, Apple already made the explicit song available from itunes, and then goes and blocks it on an app. If they were so worried about being held accountable for itune's content, then they should ban explicits across the board

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