Tuesday Recap: iPhone 5 Parts, Hulu Plus 2.5, Apple RAW Update, ComicBook! 1.5



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"We will NERVER make a Device to big to fit conformably in your hand" - Steve Jobs 2010
"The Rumors are False, we ARE NOT making a bigger iPhone" - Steve Jobs 2009
"We have looked into it, and we ARE NOT be making a bigger screen for the iPhone" Steve Jobs 2011
"Users do not want a Mobile Device bigger then there hand" - Steve Jobs 2010/2011/2012

"We have no reason to make a bigger iPhone" Steve Jobs/Tim Cook 2011/2012
"It would make the device to expensive" Steve Jobs/Tim Cook 2010/2012

"We have NO NEED of a bigger iPhone" - Tim Cook 2011/2012
"We have NO PLANS for a bigger screen iPhone in development" - Tim Cook 2011/2012
"We will NOT be making a bigger screen iPhone" - Tim Cook 2012
"Steve would say NO" - Tim Cook 2012

Is anyone getting the picture?

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