TV News Team Retires Scripts in Favor of iPads



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...but sustainable forests which provide the paper provide more than that.  There is the eco system which needs the woodland, animal and vegetable, plus the additional benefits trees provide to global warming reductions.  Remove the need for paper and you destroy the need to maintain and grow the woodlands.  It's the need for paper and wood which has seen woodlands in many countries grow over the past 60 years.Also using recycled paper from the start reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing from new with vehicles, machines and factories.Replacing paper with electronics doesn't always help the environment.  It's wrong to imply it does.  The benefit is in the use only.



I've been providing equipment to broadcasters since the early 1980's.  It was in that decade computer-based teleprompters were introduced, electronically displaying scripts at the anchors' reading speed.  The concept goes back to the decade of my birth, the 1950's.  If WXFL wasn't saving paper by using teleprompters, shall I assume they're still using 16mm FILM to shoot their field footage? 

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